Finding the right fit in a preschool can be a daunting, and scary decision. We want to help make the process as easy for you as we can. Should you chose to enroll, our admissions process typically follows this pattern:

  • Email us at to learn more about our program, classes, and tuition rates. You can also find information on this website, as well as on our Facebook page (link is at the bottom of the page)
  • Schedule a tour with our Director.
  • Fill out the registration forms that will be provided to you during your tour.
  • Pay the registration fee and deposit to hold your child’s spot in the class.

Our students’ ages range from 3-5 years old typically. However, if your student is at least 30 months old and potty trained by the beginning of the school year, we are happy to discuss whether it would be a good fit for them to start at the beginning of the year, or if they should wait a little longer before starting preschool.

News The Performing Arts Preschool accepts enrollment applications from new students throughout the year, provided that there is space available in the class. Applications must be completed and returned to the Director with the registration fee, deposit, and first month’s tuition before your child can start. If a class is full and you would like to put your student on the waitlist for the next available spot, you may fill out an application and pay the registration fee to do so.

The new school year’s enrollment will begin in January. Current families will have a priority enrollment period in which they can choose to re-enroll for the new school year. After that period is up, new students may enroll while priority is given to siblings of current students. The enrollment process continues on a first come, first serve basis.